The Mark Center is not a place. It is a spiritual community that puts you at the center of your own experience.

There are many Jews, Jews with a strong identification with their Judaism, who have chosen not to affiliate. In Palm Beach County, Florida, more than 85 percent of Jews have chosen not to affiliate. They have chosen to remain Independent. Yet their spiritual needs are no less valuable than those of Jews who have chosen to affiliate..

Under the auspices of The Mark Center, you can have your baby named, your child tutored, study for Bar or Bat Mitzvah, celebrate marriage (including interfaith marriage), and even be buried — all in a Jewish tradition that is meaningful to you and your family.

The Mark Center is a virtual community of real people who think independently and have their own needs and expectations.

We began as a way for children with learning differences to celebrate their Bar and Bat Mitzvah through sensitive, custom-designed tutoring. And we are constantly growing. We offer a whole range of Jewish life cycle services, including our extremely popular High Holy Days services, hosted by The Mark Center Director Cantor Ann Turnoff.

We are always adding more programs and services. And as more and more people discover our modern, individual approach to Judaism, we continue to grow.

We believe that the more we know about who we are, the stronger we become. Explore your Jewish life with The Mark Center. We are not building edifices. We’re building a community. Join us.